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Deploy apps 2-6x faster, with 50-75% cheaper compute & near perfect reliability

Flightcontrol is a PaaS that deploys to your AWS. We're uniquely best at the combo of reliability, flexibility, and performance because, unlike other PaaS, you get dedicated infra without the black box, lock-in, and high markups.
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Over $1 million of AWS resources under management

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Why your AWS? Because you get superior price-performance-reliability

AWS has its flaws, but it's world-class at reliability and flexibility. With Flightcontrol you get the best of both worlds, great developer experience and utmost reliability and performance.

Infra incidents
over 90 days
Compute cost for
2 CPU / 4 GB
$27 burstable
$56 sustained
Largest compute448 CPU
24 TB
8 CPU / 32 GB
Enterprise: 64 CPU/512 GB
32 CPU / 32 GB
Enterprise: custom
16 CPU / 128 GB1.7 CPU / 3 GB
Fully managed,
optimized for shipping fast
CDN for compute
Static sites
Enterprise only
Enterprise only
Customize underlying infra
Protocols besides http
(private services only)

Updated 2024-07-09

2-6x faster builds than any other platform

We engineered a custom build system that uses an EC2 builder in your account for maximum performance and ultra low cost. And you have full control over the instance size.

Initial provisioning10m0m0m1m0m
Clean build(for Cal.com)11m 30s9m19m19m20m 30s
Cached build(for Cal.com)3m 35s7m 30s16m 15s 15m 40s15m 20s
Deploy time(for Cal.com)3m 30s4m4m45s30s

Updated 2024-07-09

Serve all your use-cases from a single platform

Static Sites

CloudFront + S3 + Lambda@Edge

Web & GPU Servers

ECS + Fargate or EC2 + CloudFront CDN

Private Servers

ECS + Fargate or EC2

Background Workers

ECS + Fargate or EC2

Job Scheduler

Cron jobs & ad-hoc commands via ECS


Postgres, MySQL, MariaDB via RDS


Via ElastiCache

Coming soon


Serverless functions

“It's saving so much time and headache for me and my team. Keep up the good work, we love your product!”

Johan, CTO



"My mood is up by like 200% just because I don’t have to think about stupid serverless edge cases. Flightcontrol allows me to just enjoy building my services and throw them over the wall to AWS"

Andreas, CTO



"Flightcontrol has been a dream, and their level of support has been off the charts. I switched from Lambda to get GPU support and got magnitudes better performance at a fraction of the cost for my AI Video company."

Daniel, Founder



“Flightcontrol is the real deal. I think this is the future for teams that don't have resources for SREs but still want control of their infra.”

Thomas, Co-founder



“Flightcontrol is excellent devops tooling that would take time and dedicated devops engineers to build at many companies. We're very glad we found Flightcontrol. It's an amazing value for us.”

Dylan, CTO & Co-founder


Boardwalk Marketing

“Flightcontrol offers a nice balance between batteries-included and escape hatches that I haven't seen elsewhere. Keep up the good work and let us know if you need anything!”

Matt, Head of Technology


Spring Studios

Deploy every language globally

Every language and framework works beautifully in the Flightcontrol universe. Welcome home.

Break free from the artificial limitations of traditional PaaS

Unlike traditional PaaS, Flightcontrol doesn't add artificial limitations on things like private databases or VPC peering. Because we deploy to your AWS, you get the full power of the cloud, even on the free plan.

1. Connect your AWS and GitHub with 1-click

Everything is deployed to your AWS account where you have full ownership and control. Without the frustrating limitations of black box PaaS.

Select a repo, try a demo and connect AWS account

2. Zero-config or customize to your heart's content

It will often "just work", but we also support many customizations like pulling from image registries or fine-tuning autoscaling.

Set up services, choose from presets

3. Automatic deploys with git push or webhook

Fully automated infra provisioning, builds and deploys. All without having to use the AWS console.

See service metrics and deployments

Trusted by thousands of developers

We've got your back with the most helpful, responsive support in the industry

Enterprise grade no matter your size

Customers of all sizes rely on us for production, from startups to large enterprises

Save a fortune on devops costs

We delay the need for infra engineers by a few years. And then we enable them to focus on more meaningful work

See what you can do with Flightcontrol

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