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Developer-first AWS Infrastructure

Designed for teams that want the benefits & reliability of AWS without hiring devops

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Connect Your GitHub & AWS accounts, Git Push, We Automate The Rest

Flightcontrol fully automates deployments to your AWS account. You get the same or better DX than Vercel/Heroku all without any devops work. You have full access to inspect and tweak anything without the limitations of a traditional PaaS.

Deploy Any Language and Framework

Everything you need for production

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Web Servers

AWS Fargate

  • Automatic CDN
  • Autoscaling & self healing
  • Any language or framework
  • Custom Dockerfile support
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Private Workers

AWS Fargate

  • Any server without an HTTP endpoint
  • Autoscaling & self healing

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  • Postgres, MySQL, MariaDB
  • Autoscaling
  • Easily access from other services
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Static Sites

AWS CloudFront

  • Blazing Fast
  • Supports single page apps & non-single page apps
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AWS ElastiCache

  • Sub-millisecond latency
  • Fully managed
  • Easily scalable

FUTURE Flightplan

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Serverless Functions


  • Zero-config deploy that just works
  • Both regional and edge lambdas
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Fullstack Preview Environments

Nothing gets a developer cranky like manually patching together various bespoke services in PRs to get a fullstack preview environment. Flightcontrol eliminates all that with our powerful config that spins up fast ephemeral environments for QA or other needs.

We plan to integrate with services like PlanetScale to achieve a truly dream developer experience.

Flexible Config

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Configure everything through our dashboard, no AWS skills required

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Infrastructure as code

Or use flightcontrol.json in your code to configure all your environments and services

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Enterprise Grade

Your deployments run natively on AWS, which is as battle-tested as you can get.

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The infrastructure we deploy to your account has best in class security. You can sleep well at night without worrying about a flaw in your CDK or Terraform config.

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You can scale to IPO and beyond because there's no Flightcontrol infrastructure getting in your way, unlike platforms that fully abstract AWS.

Built for Power Users

  • Save up to 80% on infra cost depending on your current host
  • Git push to deploy
  • Connect and use native AWS services within a new or existing VPC
  • Use your AWS credits you can’t use on other providers
  • Monorepo support
  • Multiple environments and services within a project
  • Easy custom domains and automatic HTTPS
  • Team support: single user can belong to multiple organizations
  • Use any AWS region so your servers and data are compliant and close to users

You can be running on Flightcontrol in minutes

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From the team behind Blitz.js

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Mina Abadir, CTO