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Migrate from Heroku to AWS

Flightcontrol gives you the benefits and reliability of AWS with the developer experience of Heroku. Use your own AWS account, and save up to 70% on your infrastructure costs.

Flightcontrol vs Heroku

Your AWS Account
Use AWS Credits❌ (Use Heroku Credits)
Pricing StructureNumber of services and deployments (AWS costs are additional)Scales up with size and number of dynos
Git Push Based Deployments
AutoscalingPerformance Dynos Only
Preview Environments
Build SystemNixpacksBuildpacks
Managed Database
Managed Redis
Any AWS Region2 Regions, unless using Private Spaces ($1,200/month)

Build and Deploy just like Heroku

Git push-based build pipelines. Uses modern Nixpacks for builds to support almost any technology, or Docker for everything else.

Keep your Workflow, Run on AWS

  • Save up to 70% on infrastructure cost, when comparing Heroku Dynos to AWS ECS Fargate
  • No servers to manage with ECS Fargate
  • Git push to deploy
  • Use your AWS credits for maximum savings
  • Use any AWS region - it's your account

Want some help with the AWS migration?

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