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*You're still responsible for AWS costs

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Billed monthly based on previous month's Flightcontrol-managed AWS usage. Not your total AWS bill.

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"My total infra bill went from $2,000/mo on Vercel to under $300/mo on Flightcontrol"

Testfast, a Blitz app with 6+ million requests/month

Real World Example

  • Web server, 2 instances, 1 GB / 0.5 vCPU
  • Worker server, 1 instance, 1 GB / 0.5 vCPU
  • Postgres RDS, db.t4g.micro, 20 GB

AWS cost: $83.74

Flightcontrol cost: $20

Grand total: $103.74

Predictable AWS costs that don't spiral out of control

  • Around 95% of your AWS costs are fixed based on:
    • Your number of services
    • Your "Max Instances" config
    • Your compute size (CPU/memory)
  • The rest of your AWS cost will vary based on the number of builds per month. For most small businesses, this will be $1-3/month.
  • If you have over 10 million requests per month or over 1 TB egress data, then you’ll also pay a small fee for Cloudfront.