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Get the most reliable and flexible infra by deploying to your AWS

The Fortune 500 spend millions to build an internal platform like Flightcontrol. Now you can get that same experience at any stage for a fraction of the price.

Single user


  • 1 user

  • Commercial use

  • Community support

  • GitHub Organizations

  • GitHub Collaborators

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You're still responsible for AWS costs


Per service





  • 2,000 deploys per month

  • 20 users

  • No markup on AWS cost

  • Optional devops support add-on

Example: 2 environments with 2 Flightcontrol services each = 4 billable services

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  • Custom Pricing

  • SLA

  • SSO

  • SOC 2

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  • Account manager

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Startup discount program

50% discount for 12 months

For companies less than 2 years old and with less than $2 million in funding. Pay as you go monthly with the discount applied for 12 months.


Frequently Asked Questions

Real World Example

AWS costs that won't spiral out of control

Around 95% of your AWS costs are fixed based on: number of services, max instances config, and CPU/memory config

  • Web Server

    4 GB / 2 vCPU, 2 instances

    $159 /mo

  • Worker server

    4 GB / 1 vCPU

    $71 /mo

  • Postgres RDS

    db.t4g.medium, 20 GB

    $50 /mo

  • AWS Cost

    $280 /mo

  • Flightcontrol Cost

    3 services

    $150 /mo

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