Docker Resource Center

Flightcontrol can build Docker images from your source code using your own Dockerfile. You can deploy these Docker images or images from your own Docker registry to AWS ECS using Flightcontrol.

Flightcontrol and Docker Support

Flightcontrol supports Docker as a first-class build type, however we also support using Nixpacks to build Docker images directly from source code. This means you do not have to write your own Dockerfile - Nixpacks does this for you. Typically, these Nixpacks-created Docker images are faster to build and smaller than the Docker images created from a Dockerfile.

Docker Compose

Flightcontrol does not support using Docker Compose configuration files to deploy to ECS. We suggest translating the Docker Compose configuration file into a flightcontrol.json code configuration file you can use to set up your Flightcontrol project.

For more details on how to setup your flightcontrol.json file, see Code as Configuration. You can also find representative examples of flightcontrol.json files in our Deployment Examples section.

We are also happy to help you translate your Docker Compose configuration file into a flightcontrol.json file. Please contact Support if you would like assistance.


Building and Deploying with a DockerfileBuild and deploy to AWS with your own Dockerfile.
Deploying Images from Docker HubDeploy an image from the Docker Hub image registry.
Deploying Images from AWS ECRDeploy an image from the AWS Elastic Container Registry.
Deploying Images from GitHub Container RegistryDeploy an image from the GitHub Container Registry.
Automating Docker DeploymentsUse Flightcontrol for continous deployment of your Docker images from a registry.