Configure CodeBuild

Troubleshooting: Configuring CodeBuild for CPU & Memory

Flightcontrol provisions a CodeBuild project for every service that requires a build. This way, different services can build concurrently. The standard provisioned project environment (7 GB memory, 4 vCPUs) should be suitable for almost all use cases. There are several larger compute instances you can use if your build can't run (or doesn't run well) on the default:

  1. To oppen the CodeBuild project for a service, find the AWS resource tab in the service panel. CodeBuild will be one of the services listed. Click the arrow on the right hand side. AWS CodeBuild resource in the dashboard
  2. This will open the CodeBuild project on the AWS Console.
  3. Find the CodeBuild project Edit button in the AWS Console, then click Environment Editing Environment on AWS Console
  4. Expand the Additional configuration section, which will allow you to choose the environment configuration required. AWS CodeBuild Environment Configuration
  5. Finally, click Update Environment

Note: this configuration will be used going forward in all the deployments for this specific project and service.