Prisma Studio

Prisma Studio Example

Prisma Studio is a great GUI to directly access your database. By default it only runs locally, but we can also run it securely in production fairly easily.

We use Caddy (opens in a new tab) as a reverse proxy in front of Prisma Studio to add HTTP Basic Auth to ensure that no one else can access your database!

  1. Add a file named Caddyfile in your project root with the following:

      admin off
    # Note: the urls use `http`, not `https` because `https` is added at a higher layer {
      basicauth {
  2. Your password

    • Generate a very long password and save it
    • In your terminal, run caddy hash-password and provide the password when prompted

      đź’ˇ Tip: Running caddy command will require caddy to be installed locally or running in docker. Check the caddy install page (opens in a new tab) for more information on how to install it for your operating system.

    • Save the hashed password result in AWS Parameter Store as PRISMA_STUDIO_PASSWORD_HASH
  3. Database Connection String

    • Make sure your database connection string is added as environment variable (check this section for details on how to add secrets), by default prisma looks for environment variable called DATABASE_URL.
  4. Add the following to the services array in your flightcontrol.json file:

    • Set PRISMA_STUDIO_USERNAME to whatever you want
        "id": "prisma-studio",
        "name": "Prisma Studio",
        "type": "web",
        "target": {"type": "fargate"},
        "domain": "",
        "cpu": 0.25,
        "memory": 0.5,
        "buildCommand": "npm i pm2",
        "startCommand": "pm2 start \"npx prisma studio\" && caddy run",
        "port": 80,
        "buildType": "nixpacks",
        "envVariables": {
          "NIXPACKS_PKGS": "caddy",
          "PRISMA_STUDIO_USERNAME": "<make-up-a-username>",
            "fromParameterStore": "PRISMA_STUDIO_PASSWORD_HASH"
          "DATABASE_URL": {
            "fromParameterStore": "DATABASE_URL"
  5. Deploy using git push

  6. Once Flightcontrol shows you the DNS changes for your custom domain, make those updates in your DNS settings.

    • A custom domain is currently required, but you can use any domain.
  7. Once DNS has been verified, you can access prisma studio at your specified domain!