Ruby Resource Center

Flightcontrol supports your Ruby projects out of the box. On this page, you'll find links to all of our Ruby guides, tips, and resources.


Deploying a Rails AppDeploy a Rails application with Flightcontrol.
Using SidekiqUsing Sidekiq with your Rails application on Flightcontrol.
Creating a Rails AppCreate your first Rails web application.

Deployment Examples

Bullet TrainExample configurations for the Bullet Train SaaS framework.

Ruby Support in Nixpacks

Flightcontrol uses Nixpacks to provide Ruby support for building and deploying your apps.

In general, Nixpacks uses a set of rules to determine what type of software is being deployed, and then how to set up the environment to install, build and run those applications.

As a developer, what this means is that if Flightcontrol isn't doing what you expect, you can take a look at the Nixpacks documentation, or the underlying Nixpacks Ruby provider and see exactly what is going on.