Troubleshooting and Errors


Our goal at Flightcontrol is to minimize the number of errors that pop up between your code running on your computer and your code running on the cloud.

But from time to time, things go wrong - we want to make sure that you can get them fixed as easily as possible.

This section contains a list of common issues that users have encountered and how to resolve them.

Changing Nixpacks VersionSome build issues can be solved by changing the Nixpacks version used.
Concurrency LimitsFargate concurrent task limit issue - solved by creating an EC2 instance
Configure CodeBuildModify the default CodeBuild memory and CPUs for your project
Deployment ErrorsFix a deployment error related to steady state
Docker Hub: Rate LimitsFix a Docker Hub rate limit error
Fargate Task StorageFargate task storage needs more space
Increase Node MemoryFix an issue where Node.js is out of memory during the build process
Long DeploysDeploys may be slow due to multiple concurrent builds and AWS rate limits
Too Many VPCsAWS limits the number of VPCs per region by default

If you have an issue that is not here and you need support, please get in touch with us in our Discord Community (opens in a new tab). If you are a Teams or Enterprise user, you can also reach out to us in your shared Slack support channel.