First Project

Your First Project

On a high-level, the steps you'll need to follow in order to deploy a project for the first time are:

  1. Create an account at Flightcontrol
  2. Create an account at AWS (if you don't already have one)
  3. Link your AWS account to Flightcontrol
  4. Optional: Authorize the Flightcontrol Github App to access your chosen repositories, public or private. This is needed if you want to deploy your own code from your Github repository.
  5. Create a Flightcontrol project from our Dashboard


It might be useful to understand the different terms and the architecture we use:

Project: It's the top level element of our architecture. It contains the configuration for the different Environments and it is associated with a Github repository. It can only be created in the Flightcontrol Dashboard.

Environment: The model that contains 1 or more Service. It can be configured as a regular (long-lived) environment or as a preview environment (short-lived, spinned off when a pull request is opened).

Services: The AWS service that you want to be contained within a given Environment.

Deployment: Each deploy of an Environment will generate a Deployment that attempts to deploy all child Services. In the very first deployment, Flightcontrol will also configure the required AWS environment resources, depending on what is required by each service.

Supported services

At the moment, we support the following services:

  • Web server
  • Workers
  • Scheduler & cron jobs
  • Database using RDS
  • Static websites using S3 and Cloudfront
  • Redis using ElastiCache

Read more about each type here.

Configuring a Project

When you create the project in the Flightcontrol Dashboard, you can choose to configure it using (a) our UI or (b) by providing a flightcontrol.json file, which needs to exist in the codebase you want to deploy.

During the project creation in the Dashboard, you'll select which repository to use as well as which type of configuration you prefer.

In the configuration, among other things, you'll configure an Environment and which Services you want to deploy. This configuration also includes how you want your changes to sync with Flightcontrol, either manually or on changes pushed.

See the config page for more info.