Configuring with the Dashboard

Using the Flightcontrol Dashboard for Configuration

If you don't want to maintain your own file, configure your project using our dashboard.

To get started using our dashboard:

  1. Connect your AWS account on the AWS Accounts page here (opens in a new tab)
  2. Start a new project with your GitHub account or a public GitHub repo
  3. Configure your deployment on the Prepare for Launch page:
    • Edit project name and select branch to be used
    • Select GUI as Config Type
    • Select your deployment Environment from a fixed list of environment names
    • Optionally choose a framework preset service
    • Add the Services you want
      • Select builder type for each service
      • More about services here
    • Select the AWS account and AWS region you want to use
    • Optionally, edit environment variables
  4. Create project!

Current limitations:

  • You can only set up ONE Environment on creation, but you'll be able to add more once the project has been created.
  • You can't select manual trigger, so by default it will deploy every commit pushed to the selected branch