JavaScript Resource Center

Flightcontrol was built from the ground up to support modern JavaScript and TypeScript web application frameworks.

Powered by Nixpacks, Flightcontrol deploys applications that you built with Blitz.js, Next.js, Remix, Astro, Express, and more.

If you can run your project with npm start or yarn start, you can deploy it with Flightcontrol. If it's a little more complicated, you can always change the run, build, or install commands to match your requirements.

This page points you to all of our JavaScript ecosystem resources in our documentation.

Working with Monorepos

If you are using a monorepo, for instance, with the pnpm tool, use our Monorepo Support guide to learn how to configure your project to work with Flightcontrol.


Building and Deploying a Remix project
Deploying a Bullet Train project
Deploying a Strapi project
Deploying a Shopify App

Deployment Examples

NodeGeneric example suitable for most Node.js projects
Prisma Studio

JavaScript and TypeScript Support in Nixpacks

Flightcontrol uses Nixpacks, an advanced form of build packs, to deploy your JavaScript or TypeScript application.

Nixpacks detects what type of application you are trying to deploy, and then uses a series of rules in the specific Nixpack provider (such as the JavaScript provider) to determine exactly how to build, install, and run that application.

Nixpacks itself is open source, and available to view on GitHub. Each Nixpacks provider is written in Rust, but you can read through the source code to see exactly what it is doing with your application.

To learn more, see the Nixpacks Documentation and the source code of the provider: