Deployment Examples

Flightcontrol Configuration Examples

In this section, you'll find some examples and guidance for different web applications, frameworks, and languages.

These are all reference examples for working with Flightcontrol, but Flightcontrol also supports many different applications directly through the use of Nixpacks (opens in a new tab). Visit the documentation site for Nixpacks for a complete list of supported languages.

Blitz.jsFullstack Toolkit for Next.js
NodeGeneric Node.js applications
Prisma StudioGraphical data editor
DockerFor already Dockerized applications
StrapiStrapi, a Node.js Headless CMS
Bullet TrainRails-based SaaS Starter Kit
GatsbyNode.js static site generator
HasuraGraphql API engine
Shopify AppProvide your own app on the Shopify Platform
ViteFast, lightweight web development platform
DocusaurusDocumentation website generator
SolidJavascript Interactive Web Application Builder

If you have any questions about these examples, or whether Flightcontrol supports your favorite framework, reach out to us through our Discord Channel (opens in a new tab).

Note that you can also find some framework presets when you create your project in the Flightcontrol Dashboard.