Get Deployment

Get Deployment Information API

This deployment API allows you to look up information from a deployment including the service domain URLS.

First, you'll need to get the deployment id. You can get it in two ways.

Option 1: Use Flightcontrol deploy hook

After triggering a deployment using the Deploy Hooks API, you will receive a unique deploymentId value in the HTTPS response message.

{"success": true, "deploymentId": "clgf4cwx5074nr81fy1srp947"}

You can fetch the deployment's status using this deploymentId value with the Get Deployment Information API.

Option 2: Use GitHub Actions to get the deployment id

In GitHub Actions, you can extract the deployment id from the deployment or deployment_status events. We have a guide for this.

API Definition

The Get Deployment Information API requires authentication, and you will need to create an API Key if you do not already have one.

Full Endpoint URL{deploymentId}

Authorization[API key]

Path Parameters

deploymentIdstringThis the ID of the deployment you wish to get information on.

Response Conditions


HTTP/1.1 200 OK
  "deploymentId": "clcpcxekt000lc9ojqtgtc26y",
  "projectId": "cluagwibz000ka6p9uzas7p26",
  "environmentId": "clcpcxekw000mc9oj8cjfwd2f",
  "environmentGivenId": "production",
  "isPreviewEnvironment": false,
  "createdAt": "2023-01-09 22:10:02.381",
  "repoUrl": "",
  "gitCommit": "01e573f2198f120f66b08621fde0256874d0c24d",
  "gitBranch": "main",
  "status": "INPROGRESS",
  "serviceDeployments": [
      "service": {
        "serviceId": "clgf3ruk903rsld01exure1i0",
        "serviceGivenId": "web-api",
        "serviceName": "Web API",
        "serviceDomain": "",
        "type": "web"
      "status": "BUILDING",
      "error": null



The statuses of the deployment and service deployment will go through the various "In Progress" stages and will eventually settle on one of the "Finished" values.

These are the possible values for each general stage:

In Progress

PENDINGIndicates that this deployment is awaiting the previous deployment
INPROGRESSIndicates preparation of the deployment and service for build
BUILDINGIndicates the build phase of a deployment or service deployment
DEPLOYINGIndicates the deploy phase of a deployment or service deployment
PENDING_DEPENDENCYIndicates that the service deployment is waiting for another service to complete its build/deployment before continuing its progress
PROVISIONINGIndicates that Flightcontrol is provisioning the AWS resources needed for the service deployment


SUCCESSIndicates a complete & healthy deployment or service deployment
NO_CHANGEIndicates that there is no change in the deployment- this is a success case when using watch paths for a service, and this will also occur if there were no changes to an RDS service
CANCELLEDIndicates that the deployment or service deployment was cancelled, this can happen when other services in the deployment error or if the user cancels a deployment
ERRORIndicates a general error state
BUILD_ERRORIndicates an error during the build phase
DEPLOY_ERRORIndicates an error during the deploy phase