Java Resource Center

Using Flightcontrol, you can deploy your Java or other Java Virtual Machine (JVM)-based applications on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Use our Nixpacks build process to build your Java application from source code, or provide your own Dockerfile to build an image. If you have an image registry with builds from another build process (such as Jenkins), we can deploy those images to AWS as well.

We assembled our Java guides and information on this page to help you get started.


Spring BootDeploy a Spring Boot application with Flightcontrol.

Java Support in Nixpacks

Our Nixpacks build process will build your Gradle or Maven project and deploy it to AWS Elastic Container Service (ECS). Nixpacks will automatically detect the type of project you deploy, and will build a Docker image from your source code.

The Nixpacks tool is open source, and you can use it to build Docker images locally on your own machine for testing and development. You can also inpect the Nixpacks source code to see how Nixpacks will build your project.