Gatsby Example

Gatsby is an open-source static site generator which is built on Node.js and utilizes React and GraphQL. This documentation provides detailed instructions on how to deploy your Gatsby project using Flightcontrol.



Create a nixpacks.toml file in your Gatsby Project. Our Nixpacks build type will detect the Gatsby project as a Node.js project for installation, but there are two additional packages that also need to be included for a successful build.

Use the following as the contents of the nixpacks.toml file:

  nixPkgs = ['...','python311']
  aptPkgs = ['build-essential']

The nixpacks.toml file provides a declarative way to specify project dependencies.

After adding this file, you can configure your project with Flightcontrol.

Configuration Options

  1. Connect your project using GitHub
  2. Select a GUI config type
  3. Select your environment
  4. Select the Gatsby.js preset
  5. Add a service
  6. Configure the following settings in Build System
#Install Command
npm install
#Start Command
gatsby serve --port 3000 -H
  1. Add an AWS region
  2. Adjust any configuration as needed.
  3. Click "Create Project" and complete any required steps (like linking your AWS account).

Flightcontrol supports Server Side Rendering (opens in a new tab) and Image CDN (opens in a new tab) for Gatsby.

Additional Resources