Hasura Example

Hasura is an open-source engine that provides instant GraphQL APIs and real-time event handling for your applications. This tutorial will provide detailed steps on how to deploy your Hasura GraphQL Engine on Flightcontrol.

At the end of this tutorial we will have a Hasura GraphQL Engine running on AWS Elastic Container Service (ECS) Fargate and an AWS Relational Database Service (RDS) database. This web application will be running on resources within your AWS account, and will have a public accessible URL.


Before you get started, ensure you have completed the following:

Configuration Options

Flightcontrol provides two options to deploy your web applications:

  1. Connect Hasura's general repository (opens in a new tab) on Flightcontrol using GitHub
  2. Select a GUI config type
  3. Select your environment
  4. Add a service for Web fargate and a Postgres Database
  5. Configure the following settings in Web fargate
  1. Set the Env Variable Name for Connection String in Database settings to be HASURA_GRAPHQL_DATABASE_URL
  2. Select an AWS region
  3. Set HASURA_GRAPHQL_ENABLE_CONSOLE to true in the Enviroment Variable Section. This is done to enable the GraphQL console (optional)
  4. Click "Create Project" and complete any required steps (like linking your AWS account)

Additional resources


In this tutorial, you deployed a Hasura project using the Flightcontrol Dashboard or flightcontrol.json file.