Amazon Web Services
Multiple AWS Accounts

Using Multiple AWS Accounts with Flightcontrol

At Flightcontrol, we realize that many of our users want to separate deployments into different Amazon Web Services (AWS) accounts. We support this behavior within Flightcontrol, and this guide explains how to do this for several different scenarios.

We'll be adding more flexibility by supporting a different AWS Account for each Flightcontrol environment. This feature is planned for release in the near future.

Development, Staging, Production Accounts

Separating out Development environments, Staging environments, and Production environments with different AWS Accounts is a very common use case.

Each Flightcontrol organization supports one or more linked AWS accounts. Add as many AWS accounts as you need to the organization.

Every Flightcontrol project within the organization needs to be connected to one of the AWS accounts. If you want to support different AWS accounts for production and staging, you could setup two projects inside your organization:

  • Production Web Service API
  • Staging Web Service API

Each of these projects would have one Flightcontrol environment.

Different AWS Accounts for each Client

Another common scenario is for a development agency to have multiple, unrelated clients. The agency is responsible for creating and deploying the web site or code, but each client has their own AWS account. Each client could also have multiple AWS accounts for separate development, staging, or production environments, if needed.

This lends itself well to each client being set up in a separate Flightcontrol organization. Every Flightcontrol organization can have its own set of linked AWS accounts or image registries. A Flightcontrol user can be part of multiple organizations. Users can easily switch between organizations with the profile drop down menu in the upper right hand corner of the page.

Billing is on the Flightcontrol organization level, so agencies can decide how Flightcontrol payments are handled for each client.