Maintenance Mode

Maintenance Mode

The Maintenance Mode allows you to temporarily divert traffic from your service to a web page that informs your users that the service is temporarily unavailable. Two Flightcontrol services support Maintenance Mode: fargate and static.

The page your users will see looks like this:

Maintenance Mode page

Enabling Maintenance Mode

Go to the Environment where the services are located and click on the Danger zone tab within the Environment Settings. The maintenance mode toggle will be at the top of the settings tab.

Enabling Maintenance Mode from the Environment Settings

You'll be prompted with a confirmation modal and once you confirm it, we'll start the process of enabling the mode for all the supported services within that Environment.

Once the process has finished, the services set to Maintenance Mode will look like this:

Service in Maintenance Mode

Disabling Maintenance Mode

To disable it and go back to the regular setup, you'll see the option in the same place where you enabled it, but this time you will not need to confirm. As soon as you click on the button, we'll revert the services back to the original configuration.

How does Maintenance Mode work?

The Maintenance Mode feature leverages the AWS CloudFront layer used by the supported services (fargate and static). We temporarily add an extra cache behavior to the existing CloudFront Distribution, and we configure it to use an AWS Lambda@Edge function that in turn serves the page shown above.